Enjoy being injury free on your bike

I’ve been running as a short cut to getting fitter and it is working. I’ve got to the stage were I can run a bit faster. Previously my speed was so slow that there was no need for a warm up. In fact I had forgotten the importance of warming up. On the bike you roll out the drive and slowly get up to speed.  Injuries are rare. This morning I rode to the shop (warm up)  and then headed straight up through the golf club. There was a competition on and I watched the players lining up like the pros. I wasn’t laughing to them as I’d do the same. I try to look good and be good at everything that I do. I think that that is how you get better, copying the experts. Unfortunately I think that I look pretty naff running as I am still trying to get some speed, strength and with that style. About 10 minutes into the run, on the steep part of the climb, I felt strong enough to increase my speed. This was great until my ham string went. I stopped and tried again but it hurt. Knackered, I had to walk back past all the golfers.

Now I know why so many runners come into the shop looking for bikes. Its so damned frustrating. I wish I’d got warmed up and started slower. I pray that it’ll not effect my riding. I’d planned a hard road ride for Sunday. Ice and Ibofreeze tonight.

About questadventure

Old git cyclist, road and mountain bike rider and racer, windsurfer, skier, snowboarder, husband, father, bike shop owner, fitness fanatic, cook, linguist.
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