Prepared and excited

I ran yesterday. Apart from the sheer pleasure of going over Cissbury in the morning I had a plan. If my legs are a little tired I’ll feel them and this will help contain my enthusiasm. Tonight is the first round of the Goodwood Gallops and I normally get over excited and think that I am both younger and fitter than I really am. The ideas is that I’ll hide in the bunch only working my way near to the front for the sprint. I did it last year on the first race, finishing well only to be rewarded with a DNF – last place! They must have missed my number. I’ll make sure that it is prominent this evening. Of course, the plan might backfire and I could struggle all the way round but I prefer to approach any thing like this with plenty PMA: Positive Mental Attitude.

I am testing a new saddle (we have a set of demo Selle Italias if anyone wants to try one). I couldn’t fit the carbon one so I have had to put up with the Ti SLR TT, it’s a staggering 10 grams heavier – good job Goodwood is flat. I’ve put my Ultremo Rs back on, my racing license has a new photo and I have some SIS Smart gels in my bag. All prepared and ready to go – can’t blame the kit! But as they say, it’s not about the bike….

On my run I met up with John (again), the guy that nearly smashed into me on Saturday. We had a laugh reliving the experience and, as I wrote, his mate was a novice. Lets hope that he isn’t too put off by the experience.

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Old git cyclist, road and mountain bike rider and racer, windsurfer, skier, snowboarder, husband, father, bike shop owner, fitness fanatic, cook, linguist.
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One Response to Prepared and excited

  1. mullet says:

    dont worry jp porkys been riding and racing bikes all his life- hes only new to mtbing. regards john

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