Windy again

It was difficult holding a straight line as the wind buffeted me as I pushed hard on the straight. And I hadn’t even started the race. Whatever the weather as you approach Chichester the wind picks up letting you know that its Tuesday evening and Goodwood is just around the corner. And I was driving the van.

It was going to be hard. My legs had recovered from Sunday’s ride (thank you ZipVit) but I had only had 5 hours sleep each night over the last three. My warm up consisted of rushing to sign on. As usual, on the first lap I had to try to be first. I was second! Way too soon to be sprinting. At my age it takes half the race to get fully warmed up. I would pay for this as the race unfolded.

I’m getting good at hiding in the pack but with the strength of the wind there is little rest. I got in the wrong place at the wrong time. I think that the idea is to be in the right place at the right time.  Penultimate lap I was at the back having a breather when the bunch split. I tried to rally the stragglers either leading from the front or shouting encouragement but despite a desperate effort the gap got steadily wider and wider. Do you give up or carry on? I tried to carry on…..

Another big mistake but I got another couple of points and had a tough work out. Sometimes it’s just miserable but I know that the next time I hit the trails I’ll enjoy the benefit of these sessions.

Sorry, no Garmin download as I couldn’t find it as I rushed around watching the clock tick ever faster as I tried to leave the shop. I got away at 6:15. The race started at 7!

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About questadventure

Old git cyclist, road and mountain bike rider and racer, windsurfer, skier, snowboarder, husband, father, bike shop owner, fitness fanatic, cook, linguist.
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