First winter road miles

First winter's ride

First winter’s ride

I know that we all prefer the warm and dry days of Summer but one of the great things about this country are the seasons. We certainly had a Winter 12 months ago but really since then the year has been a bit samey, albeit great for cycling. However, Friday, I could finally don my winter boots and a winter jacket for a frosty ride. Bliss. A change is as good as a rest. Riding over the Bostal the view was classic Winter. I was on my Ridgeback Panorama weighing it at 41.07lbs with panniers. It may be heavy but it is just so comfortable. A joy to ride. Garments to note were Northwave Celsius boots and Endura Stealth jacket.

On Sunday I wanted to ride the road mainly to prevent the risk of damaging my shoulder anymore from my crash 2 weeks ago. You cannot imagine how awesome my Cento Uno feels after the Panorama. It weighs just under 16lbs and makes climbing a joy. The plan was for an easy 2 hours so I enjoyed my wine and a jovial late night as we’d be starting at a very civilised 8:30am. There’d be four of us so some comfortable drafting would be possible.

We more or less did a route that I used to ride back in the old days when the roads were a lot safer and I was a lot less experienced (I won’t ride the A29 or the A24 anymore unless I am in a group).

It was a relatively easy ride but we all argued about who was setting the pace as our average was 18.4mph, not really a leisurely! It was reasonably warm too after our few hours of Winter on Friday so I wore Northwave Fahrenheit boots but only needed my favourite jacket (Endura FS260 Jetstream), a long sleeve base layer and Thermolite tights. Nice to be on the road again.

Here’s the ride. Short and sweet but not to be ridden on your own.

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