Windy rides and the sail effect of deep section rims

I can’t remember a year like this. I raced through bluebell woods in bright warm sunshine  last Sunday and then, on Tuesday, I visited hell. I raced at Goodwood. The rain started before I could finish my warm up lap so I was soaked and shivering before the race started. I hate the violent shaking waiting for the start but, I do enjoy knowing that the moment we get moving I’ll feel good. I love the fact that everyone else hates it more than me. I suppose I enjoy their suffering. The wind was so strong that I knew the field would be ripped apart by the good guys. I had a chance to contest one sprint before the E/1/2s came round. I hit the down wind stretch at 55 kph and was still near the front. My legs felt great, no hangover from the mountain bike race so “bring it on” I thought. They did, and whilst I was riding at over 50kph, they just rode away. I was dropped and the race was shredded. Fortunately I was not alone and our small grouped picked up more riders as they were spat out the back. It was pissing down, freezing and really windy. Love it! It was a really tough ride and sharing the work created a bond in the adversity so the high fiving and hand shakes finished of a great evening. During the warm down the cold hit us and with it its pain. We were shaking so much that it was almost impossible to get changed.


About questadventure

Old git cyclist (road, gravel, commuter and mountain bike rider and racer), skier, snowboarder, once a windsurfer, husband, father, bike shop owner, fitness fanatic, cook, linguist.
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