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You need a plan

Sometimes you need a plan. Last night, for instance, we just rode. It was a bit of a mess and I got the raw deal. My legs were hurting from the last few rides and I needed an easy session. … Continue reading

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The joys of (dry) winter riding

Should it be a cause for me to celebrate that I have had my second mountain bike ride of the year (excluding the 2 shop rides)? Maybe it is worth celebrating that like the last ride the bike came back … Continue reading

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De Rosa serata and a mud report

Last night we had a De Rosa evening. Mark Chan from I-Ride came down with some De Rosa bikes, some Fulcrum wheels and the best of the lot a BKool turbo trainer.  That meant that, as well as enjoying some … Continue reading

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Group riding is fun afterall.

I’ve been riding for years and when I first really got into it I found that I was a bit of a sado and no one wanted to ride like me so I ended up riding on my own.  It … Continue reading

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Is bigger faster? New thoughts on road speed

Do bigger wheels make you faster? If you’re a mountain biker there is no doubt that 29ers are much, much quicker. So much so that I really ought not be too proud of my Strava records as, without much effort, … Continue reading

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Worthing should be a nice place to cycle, walk, live in….

Monday, I was at a meeting to discuss cycle routes for a map to be produced by West Sussex County Council. Looking at and knowing the town, other than the Prom, there are no possible safe cycle routes to be … Continue reading

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