Overdoing it and the Scott Foil

I have been riding ever harder despite telling all that rest is the most important part of any training program. I can’t resist a hard ride. The feeling of riding on the limit is like a drug  I give into every time that I get on the bike.  Last Sunday all that I wanted to do was to climb the diagonal path that mounts the northwest side of Chanctonbury. It is the hardest climb that I know of round here so I only try to climb it once a year.

Whilst the climb itself wasn’t that tough, last Sunday I had reached my limit and it finished me off. Follow me on the flat and you wouldn’t know that I have a problem but as soon as it goes up, I’m toast. I need a rest.

I got a heart rate monitor with my new Garmin Edge 510 to help me keep my efforts down. So all I did last week was an easy 40 mins ride in on Friday but failed to keep it below 130bpm. Today we did what was supposed to be a gentle 70 km. I was riding a Scott Foil which saved me as it came with a 12-30 cassette. It is supposed to have a 12-25.

A pair of Scott Foils

A pair of Scott Foils

There are two things about the Foil 20 that have surprised me. The first is that the ride is so comfortable. I am baffled by my comments last year stating that it was incredibly stiff. It is no stiffer than either my Cento Uno or the De Rosa Merak. It is a joy to ride. The second is that I think that I have found the perfect set up. I had thought that my Cento was as good as it gets but since using the compact 3T Ergosum handle bar on the Merak I have found the drop too much . The medium Foil has a compact bar and with the saddle back as far as it goes and using a

Scott Foil - perfect set up

Scott Foil – perfect set up

120mm stem the bike is the perfect fit. I am really tempted – but do I really want to swap Italian style for Swiss efficiency?

Here’s the ride.

The ride was a bit odd as I thought that my average speed was my actual speed so ended up working too hard despite intending to take it easy. Now that I have the Edge 510 and have learnt to customize the screen so I won’t make the same error, I have an Edge 200 for sale at £75 – well below  our cost.

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