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South Downs 100 or is it 160?

My season is coming to an end. This is depressing but for the first time ever I have a planned sojourn from riding. Tomorrow I’ll miss the Tuesday ride, next week I am away, I could do Tuesday 5th November … Continue reading

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What chance for the future of cycling in Worthing? And I apologise for riding my bike.

I have written here before that drivers only see what they want to see. They look for gaps and consequently don’t see what is in them: you or me on our bikes. Last night I witnessed that this myopic approach … Continue reading

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Whyte 29 Team review – endless summer!

I don’t know where to begin. The weather is incredible – we are still riding in short sleeve jerseys! Next year marks 30 years since I have been mountain biking and I have never seen some of the trails in … Continue reading

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Road safety in Worthing

I wrote the piece below and was wondering how I could précis it so that it could appear in the Worthing Herald when I got news that a friend, who days before I had said that he ought to get … Continue reading

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