I ride a bike because I like riding.
Riding is everything. I’m not a snob, although I do appreciate nice kit, but for me its not about the bike. When I ride I am in a another world. Riding requires so much concentration. Whatever the bike, whatever the terrain I concentrate. I focus on my pedal stroke, the line, the hill, the next rider, my average speed, my breathing… everything to make the combination of man and machine as efficient as possible.
I don’t know why I am like this but I am. I wonder at the incredible things that the body is capable of and how this is amplified by adding a bike into the equation.
Of course, I like the speed, the views, the pretty villages, the technical trails, the races, the long drags, the mental challenges and being outside just like everyone else but often I miss it all because I am thinking about the riding. Head down and go!
Its the physical excretion that captivates me. It probably makes me a bore. Hopefully it helps motivate and inspire.

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