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Whyte T-130 and Bike Park Wales – a match made in heaven.

I’ve ridden the Whyte T-130 RS around the Downs but I’ve never ridden it the way it was intended to be so it really just seemed like another, albeit, slack suspension bike. To be fair, its been too wet and … Continue reading

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Whyte T-130 RS guest review

We lent Tania our demo Whyte T-130 RS as her Titus El Guapo is positively hanging. She usually rides the Surrey Hills, Leith, Pitch etc and isn’t afraid to get some good air. Watch out guys she’ll roast a lot … Continue reading

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Santa Cruz Solo and Steyning fun

I should ride more! The mantra of many. We all want to ride but there are so many reasons for not doing so. Can I blame work? Is that fair? Whatever, my super form of the winter is fading. I … Continue reading

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Whyte 29 Team review – endless summer!

I don’t know where to begin. The weather is incredible – we are still riding in short sleeve jerseys! Next year marks 30 years since I have been mountain biking and I have never seen some of the trails in … Continue reading

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Scott Scale 720 review

I have to confess to sometimes needing an excuse to go mountain biking. It’s not that I don’t like the dirt but I do like to maximise my riding time. On a road bike it seems as if you get … Continue reading

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QECP revisited – Whyte 909 review

One of the things that has motivated me to write this blog, as well as the riding, has been the testing of new products. I was lucky in that the time that I opened the shop and started writing was … Continue reading

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650B or not to B

We went to see the new Whyte, Wilier and Marin bikes at the Lotus Research Centre last week. There is a lot to be excited about for the road rider, the commuter and the trailsters but the big thing to … Continue reading

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