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It was fun while it lasted

Over the course of the last 14 years I am not sure quite what I have achieved. There have been beneficiaries from my investment although I don’t know who has gained the most. It is probably HMRC. The landlord did … Continue reading

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What is enthusiasm? Some may see it as being over the top or crazy. For some it is an essential part of living. You may just go through the motions of life and I certainly feel like that a lot … Continue reading

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Scott Spark 940 review on stunning frozen trails

We have a selection of 2017 Scotts for demo: Sparks, Genius, Genius Plus and the XC Scale. As I have been waiting four months for my Scott Spark RC 900 WC to arrive I was keen to remind myself of … Continue reading

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Should the South Downs National Park charge for mountain biking?

I think that we ought not ask that question but should look at the attitude of users, and in this article, some mountain biker’s attitudes to their rights on the trails. When I started mountain biking there were some bikes … Continue reading

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Use it or lose it!

I must have started half a dozen blog posts with that title over the last 10 years but it is never more apt following yesterday’s ride. The trails were bone dry. Too dry! Obviously the roots had traction but the … Continue reading

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The sun brings out the crowds… and mud.

I have warned countless times over the last 10 years not to ride on melted trails…… Yesterday I did. I could not start until late. So, still wanting to take it easy and enjoying my renewed passion for mountain biking, … Continue reading

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I love mountain biking.

As I said last week it’s the riding not the kit that counts. Or is it? Let’s define a few things first. I am, foremost, a fitness fanatic, following that I am a cyclist as it’s an easy way to … Continue reading

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