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Scott Foil is a Strava winner

They say that it’s all in the mind and another great quote is “it’s not about the bike”. Well I don’t know about that. Last night I was dreading the ride thinking that my legs would not be up to … Continue reading

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Overdoing it and the Scott Foil

I have been riding ever harder despite telling all that rest is the most important part of any training program. I can’t resist a hard ride. The feeling of riding on the limit is like a drug  I give into … Continue reading

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Campagnolo EPS: Electronic Power Shift, is electronic shifting the future? De Rosa Merak revisited.

I have to ride. Recently I have been going too hard so today I wanted something gentle. Mark from I-Ride delivered a De Rosa Merak with Athena 11s EPS on Saturday morning so, despite perfect dry conditions, there would be … Continue reading

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You need a plan

Sometimes you need a plan. Last night, for instance, we just rode. It was a bit of a mess and I got the raw deal. My legs were hurting from the last few rides and I needed an easy session. … Continue reading

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Testing two sets of wheels in one day

This week end presented me with a dilemma. My Cento Uno was finally up and running (thanks Paul) and I had a set of Fulcrum Red Wind 50mm carbon wheels screaming at me to be tested. Also there was a race on … Continue reading

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Racing in the sunshine and riding the Scott Foil and the Scott Scale 29er Expert

The sunshine has arrived and I’ve enjoyed two races wearing only shorts and jersey – no cold weather gear – at last! As well as the clothing it’s been a good week for Scott. I used the Foil Team Issue racing at … Continue reading

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Adultery and the Scott Foil Team Issue

Today’s ride was going to be complicated only because I was going to drop my wife off in Portsmouth at 7:15 am. That meant a later start and, thankfully, my buddies all offered to wait for me. So with my … Continue reading

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