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It was fun while it lasted

Over the course of the last 14 years I am not sure quite what I have achieved. There have been beneficiaries from my investment although I don’t know who has gained the most. It is probably HMRC. The landlord did … Continue reading

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Breaking the rules – Whyte S 150 review

For years the rule was 26” despite its poor performance. And that is why dissenters have been saying, since the eighties, that the wheel needed to be bigger. Then someone threw away the rule book and, easy, fast, comfortable and … Continue reading

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Free coffee and West Sussex Weekends campaign

Cycling is more than just riding a bike. Of course, millions ride here and there and never give a thought to being a “cyclist”, but they are. And then there are those who try too hard by making sure that … Continue reading

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West Sussex County Council will use cycling to rejuvinate the countys image

Last night I attended a meeting hosted by WSCC in partnership with the South Downs  National Park Authority to launch their campaign to bring high spending visitors from London to the county. They have identified cycling as the key element … Continue reading

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South Down’s Way here we come!

Are we ready for the South Down’s Way? Maybe. Am I ready? No. No, but I would never be. There is always something else that I could do.  Bike, kit and body are on a diet. The tyres have been … Continue reading

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Riding with a limpet

This was it. At last I was going to go for a ride with Wil. He is fast and fit, has just started racing and his enthusiasm is infectious. I am just about old enough to be his granddad. We’ve … Continue reading

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A Whinge

I am grumpy old man but I have reason. If you ride or ski or snowboard, or picnic or camp, (the list goes on and on) you’ll have your secret spots. They may be visited by others but when you … Continue reading

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