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BHF South Downs Way 2015, failed again!

It’s been a while since I’ve written up anything about riding. And what a time to restart following the death of Don Lock. That puts any riding achievement into its rightful place. It’s simply cycling. Nothing more. There are more … Continue reading

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What motivates you? And a renewed passion for mountain biking

I have found a new passion for mountain biking and it all came about by buying a new bike. Read how getting a new bike has changed my view of our local trails. Quest Adventure blog

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Scott Scale 910 helps me sort my fit.

I have finally sorted out my bike for next year. The medium Scott Scale fits like a glove, climbs like a dream and encourages risk taking on slippery, rooty single track. I had had a bike before with the same … Continue reading

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I love mountain biking.

As I said last week it’s the riding not the kit that counts. Or is it? Let’s define a few things first. I am, foremost, a fitness fanatic, following that I am a cyclist as it’s an easy way to … Continue reading

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Use it or lose it!

Use it or lose it is a good maxim for life. I have not been using it. I feel as if I have gone into shut down mode. Since the South Downs Way ride I think that I have only … Continue reading

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South Down’s Way. Did it defeat us?

We failed. The target was 9 hours and we did 10, 10:02:44 to be precise. That was 36 minutes better than last year but not good enough. Instead of three weeks to think about this one I had twelve months … Continue reading

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Suffering on a Whyte 29C

I suffered today. No complaints, just not much fun. I’d had a good road ride on Friday and always planned to ride in the dirt today. The forecast was for rain at ten and it duly delivered, bang on time. … Continue reading

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