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Does cycling make you sexy?

I have to ask this question or perhaps I should add: does cycling make you detestable to the opposite sex? In the less than a week I have had four “incidents”. Three Buzzes, this is where a car goes out … Continue reading

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I can ride but that’s it

I rode in today which was so nice after using the van all week. I’m still sore but pedalling is OK. I did a family shop at Sainsbury’s and met James and Jemma with their six week old bundle of … Continue reading

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Disappointingly slow

I fit a computer to record all my commuter mileage remembering that the last time I had a computer on my old Kona Kula  my average was 16mph, it is currently under 15mph. Is it my age, the fact that … Continue reading

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Welcome back to work!

We’ve enjoyed over two weeks of easy, even social, commuting. Not so today! No Christmas cheer, no New Years greetings, just pure British driving aggression. This is what roads are for, being anti social, “I’m in my steel coffin to … Continue reading

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Hidden miles

If you’ve read any of these posts you’ll know that I have a new bike and that I commute. The commuting miles are the hidden miles, they go unrecorded, unnoticed. Last night I watched Chasing Legends so had to ride … Continue reading

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Accident and the invisible cyclist

I had another excuse today: lifts, and lots of them. With all this driving around town I had a first hand chance to see how invisible cyclists are. It was pouring with rain last night and I was following a … Continue reading

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Enjoy the warm

Its been really cold for a bit too long. Usually I am the one to encourage enjoyment of the cold and snow but with various commitments I have actually used this week of no cars to do more driving than … Continue reading

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