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Masochism and the joys of riding a bike

Suffering is what many cyclists want. Why enter a sportive if you don’t want to suffer? Never enter a race if you don’t want pain. But people do. Quite normal sensible people do. Why? Perhaps that in a our safe, … Continue reading

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Strengths and weaknesses and riding in the Alps

Every rider has strengths and weaknesses. I think that I am a crappy climber. My power to weight ratio seems poor. I lack strength. I barely get over 300 watts on the B-kool trainer. I can’t win a race whatever … Continue reading

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Are frosty rides my favourite? Probably

If a judge of a ride is how easy it is to get out from under the duvet then frosty rides must be some of the best: great grip and no bike cleaning. The only problem that I had was … Continue reading

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Riding for pleasure not pain

The ride I rose early excited by the prospect of riding on frozen ground. My wife was surprised that I didn’t want a lay in but some winter days are special. Its not all about going flat out, I told … Continue reading

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Its amazing what a bit of motivation can do for you

Last night I had planned to ride this not expecting the temperature to drop quite so much. However, I wasn’t to be beaten after fun I had on Sunday was so, at just after 7am, I headed off on the … Continue reading

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No New Years resolutions, but……

Whilst I don’t do New Years Resolutions I did feel good rolling out at eight am on New Years Day. There was only my brother and I as the others didn’t make it. We didn’t see one other cyclist until … Continue reading

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A raid Pyrenees

It’s been a long time coming, and on the way I like to think that in building up to this over the last 10 years I have inspired a few riders to seek out some interesting rides too.  At last … Continue reading

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