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Should the South Downs National Park charge for mountain biking?

I think that we ought not ask that question but should look at the attitude of users, and in this article, some mountain biker’s attitudes to their rights on the trails. When I started mountain biking there were some bikes … Continue reading

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Free coffee and West Sussex Weekends campaign

Cycling is more than just riding a bike. Of course, millions ride here and there and never give a thought to being a “cyclist”, but they are. And then there are those who try too hard by making sure that … Continue reading

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Riding the North Shore

There is a lot of hype about the North Shore and for many it is the Holy Grail. Well, we’ve got our own. Lucky for me I have ridden the Vancouver North Shore trails on at least two trips a … Continue reading

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A Whinge

I am grumpy old man but I have reason. If you ride or ski or snowboard, or picnic or camp, (the list goes on and on) you’ll have your secret spots. They may be visited by others but when you … Continue reading

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An unfortunate encounter reminds me how precious are our Downs

We are lucky here in Worthing. We have miles and miles of bridleways, footpaths and access land. This is a precious resource. We must respect it. I have spent time and resource trying to make sure that it stays precious … Continue reading

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Its work Jim, but not as you know it.

Today we had a meeting with the people that have enabled the Steyning boys to build all those free ride trails above the Steyning Horseshoe. It was a site meeting so why drive when we can ride (this is a … Continue reading

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To dangerous to ride…..

Its been cold for a long time and most of the local trails had an ice covering as the snow had been packed down by walkers and riders. In palces the ice was clear and solid. Last night the wind … Continue reading

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