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South Downs Way – getting prepared

I have ridden the South Downs way once on 1989 and then over the last 4 years. Each time I just turned up and rode on natural fitness. Sometimes I prepared for it by tyre choice or weight reduction; but … Continue reading

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When you feel that magic… Scott Spark RC 900 WC review

This was my second ride on my new Scott Spark RC 900 World Cup. The first was on a very wet and muddy trip following the South Downs Rough Ride route. I couldn’t really draw any conclusions from that other … Continue reading

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Frosty rides are fun and clean but you must get up early

This morning I had an early ride and the trails were frozen. I love rides like this as the grip is incredible. You can ride up, down and across stuff that you just cannot do at other times of the … Continue reading

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It doesn’t get much better than this – the joy of mountain biking in the Autumn

Autumn is my favourite time of year. Whilst we may not have had a summer, this Autumn has been trying to show itself for nearly a month and Sunday morning it really did hit the big time: chilly, plenty of … Continue reading

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Each to their own!

I woke late but my leg felt good so I’d be out on the bike. I was too late to meet up with my mates who were going over to Whiteways so why not head there too. I started slow … Continue reading

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I’d forgotten how nice mountain biking can be

I know that the trails are perfect and the hills a joy to be in but I have been road mad. It helps having the Tour de France on and its made more fun beacuse I’m racing regularly. I’ve also … Continue reading

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The trails are busier than ever

I don’t have to worry about trying to decide what to ride as life is a bit more structured now that I can road race every Tuesday. The mountain bike was an easy choice. I didn’t have a plan so … Continue reading

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