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More fun than I could possibly imagine. Niner RLT9 review

I used to say that I had got through my cycling life successfully avoiding only two things: rollers and cyclocross. Last year I cracked and now enjoy the excitement (and benefits) of rollers. So that only left CX. I have … Continue reading

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Whyte T-130 RS – first impression

Tuesday night is roadie night – a murderous HIT session. But with the trails so good and the weather mild I was drawn into the night by my working buddies. I had arrived at work with road racing kit but … Continue reading

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Sharing the load. 3T Ergosum bar review

It was really warm as the group gathered by the pier with lots of faces that I had not seen before. It all started slow enough but then it gradually increased in speed.  It was the same old bunch at … Continue reading

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You need a plan

Sometimes you need a plan. Last night, for instance, we just rode. It was a bit of a mess and I got the raw deal. My legs were hurting from the last few rides and I needed an easy session. … Continue reading

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Group riding is fun afterall.

I’ve been riding for years and when I first really got into it I found that I was a bit of a sado and no one wanted to ride like me so I ended up riding on my own.  It … Continue reading

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What a week?

It started with the fear that one of our friends might not make it. Then, as the days moved on, our hopes turned from whether he’ll live, to will his head be OK, to will has leg be OK to … Continue reading

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A great day – but NEVER get dropped!

The day started at 8am at Worthing High School We were doing a bike heck for their Eco Day. As I was leaving I bumped into Tim Loughton one of our local MPs. It turns out that he is doing … Continue reading

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