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A lost love…..

I have just sold my road bike! I own a bike shop and I love bikes. However, it’s not always about the bike. It’s the riding that is more important to me. In fact my passion for riding is more … Continue reading

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Rule 5 – Tuesday Nights

I can’t sleep. Back to the old routine of super intense physical effort, pain, battle of will, endorphins, the rush that no drug can ever match. And the fear! I’m not used to it. Full tilt in a line at 45 … Continue reading

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Wilier Cento 10 Air Review

I have a couple of Wiliers and have been lucky enough to have ridden other models whilst in Italy under the Italian hospitality of Wilier. After my first trip I came home having ordered a bike and the same happened … Continue reading

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The real thing

For a while now we have been riding around the deserted streets of Worthing on a Tuesday evening. Over the winter it kept the legs going fast and provided some endurance interval work for the rest of the time. It … Continue reading

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Cyclist can be idiots to, don’t always blame the drivers

Last evening’s ride looked like fun with a lot of new faces. I try to greet them all as many riders often younger keep themselves to themselves and that is when you get that cold, exclusive feeling sometimes joining a … Continue reading

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Who needs racing?

One of the reasons that I raced mountain and road bikes was that it was the one sure way of getting a good ride. Recently, however, I have been getting all of my fun on the Tuesday rides. These sessions … Continue reading

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Obey the rules

When does a gathering become a movement? There were 27 out for an incident packed ride last night. It is incredibly social and very hard. You need to suffer to make it worthwhile. Put a lot in and you get … Continue reading

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