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Sram Guide brakes and struggling in the single track

Sram called up and ask us to use some of their new brakes. Why not? It is fun testing new stuff, gives you a reason to ride (as if we need one) and has been the mainstay of this blog. … Continue reading

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Sometimes racing is just pure torture

Back to Goodwood after a week off nursing my body back to full strength. As usual it was windy but today it was really strong and blowing from the west. You had to get on a wheel and try to … Continue reading

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Unfortunately, it went as I predicted

I spent the night and a lot of the race thinking that I had a chance and I ended up finishing somewhere between 11th (a guess) and 15th maybe even worse. I got the pro treatment pre race so I … Continue reading

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Youth is better than old shoulders and good kit

We were going for a quick and short blast up to Truleigh Hill. It’s a lot of fun with a load of high speed corners and so short that we can ride fast. At least we think that we can. … Continue reading

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Best day of the year

Today was a good day. It started when I saw that it was already 12 degrees at 6:30am. That meant no jacket just jersey and only arm and knee warmers to counter the slight chill. I was going for an … Continue reading

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Thanks Dave!

I started this week on good form. I can only conclude that there is more than just marketing hype to the recovery products that I have been using. I’ve taken a Zipvit protein recovery bar after every hard ride over … Continue reading

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