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I can’t believe it’s not summer

At last a ride with no Strava highlights. I didn’t have my Garmin so used the phone which is set up for running. I converted it to a ride and have no rankings. Excellent, it was supposed to be an … Continue reading

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Whyte T-129, 929 and M-109 reviews and a local trail

I don’t usually need an incentive to ride but there has been some extra pressure over the last few days. In no particular order: The weather and trail conditions are awesome (grab it while you can), I have been trying … Continue reading

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Way out of my league

Fourteen weeks ago I decided to make an effort to get fit. I’m not there yet but I am doing OK, or at least I thought that I was until this morning. Last Sunday I felt that the ride was … Continue reading

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Life without Strava

I rode yesterday and today without my GPS. Now that might not sound like a big deal but life has begun to change. I am used to having a speedo when on my road bike but yesterday’s ride was just … Continue reading

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What is Strava?

Strava is having a terrible/good effect on me. I didn’t ride this week and was conscious that this would show up on my records and I’d be shamed. Then, once out on the road, I started thinking about Strava Segments. … Continue reading

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Adultery and the Scott Foil Team Issue

Today’s ride was going to be complicated only because I was going to drop my wife off in Portsmouth at 7:15 am. That meant a later start and, thankfully, my buddies all offered to wait for me. So with my … Continue reading

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Today we rode in a bunch

I have spent years riding on my own or in small groups. The reason is that whilst cycling is one of the most important things in my life, it is not the only thing. I have also worked most Saturdays … Continue reading

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