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Drivers should be the best campaigners for segregated cycle routes

I thought I ought to write to the local paper as Worthing’s enjoyment to drive is soon going to be a thing of the past. Despite the endeavours of the County and Borough Councils cycling will, just as it has … Continue reading

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The stone age answer to the A27 traffic issue

Here’s a quick summary of the proposals in the A27 upgrade scheme Public Consultation Brochure. Anything in quotation marks “” is the exact wording from the document. My text is in italics. Walking and cycling “We intend to maintain current … Continue reading

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Are drugs good? I love my Addict

If you mean chemicals that stimulate the body and mind then I would say yes. We all appreciate the nice sensation that they produce. However, before answering the question fully we must first look at how they are manufactured. Thanks … Continue reading

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Celebrating the freedom of the town & the De Rosa Merak with light wheels!!

At least fifteen were out for a blast around town last night. Whilst I appreciated the tranquillity of Worthing the fact that nothing, apart from the seasons, seems to happen here meant that I didn’t show the pride that you … Continue reading

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You need a plan

Sometimes you need a plan. Last night, for instance, we just rode. It was a bit of a mess and I got the raw deal. My legs were hurting from the last few rides and I needed an easy session. … Continue reading

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Group riding is fun afterall.

I’ve been riding for years and when I first really got into it I found that I was a bit of a sado and no one wanted to ride like me so I ended up riding on my own.  It … Continue reading

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One new cyclist but another is injured

Yesterday should have been a day of celebration. My son was going away to university and he, for the first time ever, said that he wanted his bicycle. It was with joy that I rode it into work to give … Continue reading

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